Taylor Miller



Kennedy Hennessy

Administrative Vice President


Tacie Chadwick 

Financial Vice President


Lexi Shay 

Education Vice President


Devon McMullen

Membership Vice President


Rhegan Fernandes

Public Relations Vice President


Kami Montera 

Panhellenic Affairs Vice President

"Our chapter is strong and resilient. It is the place where you meet your best friends. The opportunities that the sisterhood and people in it have given me to grow as a person are something completely unmatched."

"Coming from out of state, Gamma Phi gave me a place to call home. It has pushed me to become a better person and has surrounded me with strong, confident women who showed me the true meaning of friendship." 

"I have learned what it feels like to be a part of something bigger than myself. I’ve grown into the person I am today because every sister I interact with I can learn something from."

"It gave me a group of girls that I connected with on so many levels which created a safe space for me to run to when things are difficult or when I struggle."

"To me Gamma Phi Beta means pushing the young women around me to be the best version of themselves as they do for me, to meet them where they are at, and encourage them in their walk in life."

"Gamma Phi Beta has been one of the best things I could of ever done. The friendships and memories you create are priceless and will forever hold a special place in my heart."

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